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                Contact Us
                Contact address: No. 12, Zhongshan Road 597, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning.

                Postcode: 116000

                Contact phone: 0411-84080082

                Fax: 0411-84080082

                Cell phone: 15566678902


                About Us

                Liaoning Hui Zhi Lin law firm, Hui Zhi Lin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is the first and only intellectual property legal service corporation with legal service, patent agency and trademark agency qualifications in Dalian. As an organization capable of providing a full range of intellectual property legal services for the majority of customers, it owns the first batch of patent agent in China, who has been engaged in patent work since 1985, and a number of intellectual property professionals with the qualifications of lawyers, patent agents and trademark agents. The lawyer team of Hui Zhi Lin succeeded in acting a large number of intellectual property litigation and non-lawsuit cases, and accumulated rich experiences in patent, trademark, copyright, domain name dispute, franchise chain, high-tech enterprise ?recognition, anti-counterfeiting, business secret and unfair competition dispute handling, etc.. From the cases, we rethinks the strategy of application of intellectual property for enterprises, as well as the distribution of intellectual property between patent, trademark, copyright, business secret and so on, formulate the intellectual property strategy for the enterprise. We will provide you with the most professional and efficient intellectual property legal services.


                1. Patent applications in domestic and overseas (inventions, utility models and designs)
                2. PCT applications to enter China and to the international stage
                3. Patent re-examination and invalidation
                4. Patent consultation and search services
                5. Drafting and registering on patent transfer and licensing contract
                6. Patent infringement lawsuit

                1. Trademark registration, renewal, transfer, license and items change?
                2. Trademark negotiation, drafting and signing transfer/license contract of trademark rights
                3. Undertaking trademark oppositions, reviews and cancellations
                4. Providing trademark consultation, trademark searches and watch services
                5. Trademark customs filing, trademark infringement litigation and well-known trademark protection

                Copyright Services
                1. Copyright protection advisory?
                2. Copyright registration, transfer of rights, license and inheritance?
                3. Reviewing and drafting on copyright related contracts?
                4. Copyright contract disputes?
                5. Handling recording of copyright at customs, copyright infringement litigation, rights protection fraud

                Legal services
                1. High-tech enterprise?recognition/ science and technology project application
                2. Intellectual property right
                3. Property rights protection of trademark, patent, copyright, intellectual and customs protection of intellectual property rights
                4. Technology contract, franchise chain operation, business secret, anti-unfair competition and other intellectual property rights cases
                5. Enterprise legal adviser


                Liaoning Hui Zhi Lin law firm, Hui Zhi Lin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.